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At Sean Walsh Memorial Park in Tallaght

This morning.

In The Irish Times.

Brian Hutton reports:

Thousands of creatures have been killed during the unexplained destruction of a “unique little gem” of a nature reserve in south Dublin, conservationists have said.

A parcel of wetland at Sean Walsh Memorial Park in Tallaght, used for decades as a dumping ground for silt, had rewilded itself into a “little miracle” that was home to several protected species, including frogs, newts, eels and bats, according to experts.

…On a trip to the wetland on Saturday to carry out a new survey of the wildlife he [Collie Ennis, a research associate at Trinity College Dublin and science officer with the Herpetological Society of Ireland] found that the entire reserve was “flattened like a carpark” and covered in heavy machinery tracks.

“It had completely gone. It was like the surface of the moon. Just blank. Flattened,” he said.


Ecologists outraged as Dublin nature reserve is ‘flattened like a car park’ (The Irish Times)