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Public warned not to approach ‘armed’ man on run (RTE)

Pics via A (thanks)

Jonosan Dolwin tweetz:

Good quality bicycle bus stop bypass in Tallaght.




André writes:

Wow sky over Tallaght today (just now at Belgard Luas Stop)



This evening.

Exact location unspecified (possibly Killiney, County Dublin)

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This evening.

Grand Canal, Dublin 2

Thanks Gary Byrne


Sean Walsh Park, Whitestown Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Lynne writes:

So, I was walking to college on Saturday morning when I got a bit lost and ended up walking over this hill. A guy on the path beside it started shouting at me: ‘missus, missus, you didn’t walk over that did you?’ ‘Over what?’ ‘That…. On the grass, that was done by a satanic cult.’

In case you can’t make it out, it’s an upside down pentagram. ‘You’re cursed love, cursed. Six people who went near that are fucked. Go home and bless yourself. Seriously love you’re cursed,’ he added..

It was 9am. I have no idea how to bless myself. But at least everything I did at the staff Christmas ‘do now makes sense. It wasn’t me, it was the pentagram.

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Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy – and other Jobstown protesters who have been served with summonses last night and this morning – hold a press conference at the West Side Boxing Club in Tallaght, Dublin.

They will hold a protest outside the Central Bank in Dublin on Saturday at 1pm before marching to the Criminal Courts of Justice on Parkgate Street, next to Phoenix Park.

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Pics: Paul Murphy

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 09.53.38Tallaght Hospital

Paul Cullen, of the Irish Times, reports:

“Tallaght hospital has expressed regret over a delay which resulted in a 102-year-old woman spending more than 26 hours on a trolley in its emergency department this week.”

“The woman, who has a history of heart attack, arthritis and high blood pressure, was given a blood transfusion while on the trolley in the emergency department.”

Woman (102) spends 26 hours on trolley in Tallaght hospital (Irish Times)


Dave McGinn tweetz:

From the Tallaght shop that brought you Anto. You’re making money with this deal!

A seven pack of Hula Hoops and a 9 pack of Kittensoft for €2.99.

They’re wiping out the competition.

You can wear one as a ring and use the other to…never mind.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 22.30.24UPDATE: Feargal Connors adds:

Wonder where Breathnachs got their bog roll special inspiration?