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A short film by Jacob Sutton featuring Artec pro-snowboarder William Hughes at Tignes in the Rhône-Alpes in a customized suit covered in LED lights.

“I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness,” says Sutton of his costume choice. “I’ve always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.



I, for one, etc.

It is a remarkable demonstration of the intelligence of the crow, which sits on a smart branch in the animal tree within the family Corvidae. There is something so deliberate about this play: the crow uses a toy; it searches for the best sledding path; it repeats the adventure down the roof; it keeps upright with its feet planted on the lid when, as a bird, it could simply fly. The bird does not want to travel down the roof, it wants to slide down the roof.

Science Can Neither Explain Nor Deny the Awesomeness of This Sledding Crow (The Atlantic)