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And going to the Olympics.

BBC’s Colm O’Molloy writes:

Seamus O’Connor is Ireland’s first Olympic snowboarder and will be competing at Sochi. He’s a US born teenager, with an Irish dad. His mother is Russian, from a town about 100K from Sochi.My friend and colleague Franz Strasser interviewed him the week before last at his home in Park City, Utah, and made this cool video. I’d be delighted if you’d consider sharing it on Broadsheet…

Previously: Ireland Expects

By WeAre2012, a snowboard video crew from Russia.

34 minutes of urban snowboard stunts, rail grinding and an insider’s guide to Russia’s finest staircases, dumspsters and roofs in the company of ‘street heroes’ Yuri Rudechik, Denis Leontiev, Konstantin Kokarev, Nikita Vasiliev, Maxim Sibiryakov, Alexei Osovickiy, Ivan Gribkov, Fillip Ananin, Egor Lihomanov, Alexandr Osokin, Igor Kulakov, Konstantin Berejnevskiy, Mihail Il’in and Igor’ Kalnickiy.

Full screen, three point harness and half a pack of Digestives recommended.