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O’Leary Analytics?

They’ve been monitoring the global coverage (including social network/ Twitter interface) of the Cowen story. They just got a mention in the Washington Post.

Who’s the kid?

Stephen O’Leary.

That’s a coincidence.

No. He is O’Leary Analytics.

How did he get on in the Junior Cert?

He has degree in journalism and Media Communications from Griffith College Dublin. After graduating he went to Cork and worked on the Irish Examiner.

How high-tech of him.

After the Examiner he returned  to Dublin to work with Meltwater, a Norwegian software company. He launched O’Leary Analytics in November 2009.

Financial situation?

100% privately funded.

How does he do the things he does

O’Leary Analytics apparently acquired a license for a new social media monitoring tool. We can find no record of such a device. But Stephen says it opens up a listing of “over 220 million sources, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and message forums. Information that can be monitored and analysed: sentiment, ‘demographics, readership, geographical spread, key influencers, and the comparison of campaigns’.

Sounds like complete horseshit to me

Long day?

So he just uses Google like the rest of us?


So who monitors the monitor as he monitors?

That’d be us.

Will he come and work for us?

No. He plans to make money

Ok. Thanks

You’re most welcome.

O’Leary Analytics


Whatever about the quality of the movie, The Social Network’s trailer soundtrack – a cover of Radiohead’s Creep by the Scala Choir – has the power to transform any visual into a poignant comment on the human condition.

Any visual, mind you.