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It replaced Fás.

But only in name.

Via Roz at PolitcalWorld.org

“Solas the ‘Further Education and Training Authority’ is advertising for a spin doctor at a package of €80€97,000. Solas currently has three deputy CEOs at a cost of €500,000, a CEO at a cost of €175.000 and seven Directors at a cost of €700,000 euros. This entire crew cost the taxpayer over €2 million when full packages are calculated…
…It will be interesting to hear the new ‘on the record spokesperson’ explaining the shortage of apprentices and the failure of Solas in their manpower planning to ensure that as we head out of depression that we have a sufficient supply of apprentices to meet the demand…”

Solas searches for a spin doctor at a cost of over 100k (PolitcalWorld.org)

Director Of Communications – Solas (PublicJobs.ie)

Thanks Fluffy Biscuits