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Incapacitated? Ill in hospital? Recently crapped yourself? Worry not, here comes robo-nursie. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have invented Cody: a robot that can administer a sponge bath.

Cody is hacked together from a “Segway omnidirectional mobile base, two anthropomorphic arms with seven degrees of freedom and wrists equipped with 6-axis force/torque sensors. The end of the robot’s right arm is fitted with a specialized ‘bath mitt’ and the robot gathers laser range data and images from a laser range-finder and camera mounted above the robot’s torso.”

It’s obvious from the video below that there’s some fine-tuning to be done before Cody is let loose in St. Vincents, but we can almost certainly look forward to its decendents spongeing our winky-zones sometime in the future.



Dancing Fembot: HRC 4-C

Creepy Hospital Observer: Actroid F