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Behold: Velox – a prototype amphibious robot designed by Pliant Energy Systems of Brooklyn with an all terrain propulsion system inspired by the locomotion of several natural species. To wit:

Velox can use several modes of locomotion found in the animal kingdom using just one pair of “fins”. These fins are best described as four-dimensional objects with a hyperbolic geometry that allows the robot to swim like a ray, crawl like a millipede, jet like a squid, and slide like a snake.

A craft equipped with this system has unprecedented freedom to travel through a range of environments in a single mission. As an underwater vehicle, the robot’s ability to instantly reverse direction and do quick turns make it ideal for task such as coral reef inspection or dragon fish hunting where a craft must rapidly manoeuvre to look around and between objects.

First the dragon fish, then all humans.



Now available in Ireland!

Behold the Husqvarna Automower®.

Virtual Boundary and GPS Technology

In-App Control and Smart Home Compatible.

Ian Collins writes:

The global leader in robotic lawnmowing, Husqvarna reveal the latest additions to its existing range of premium, easy to use robotic mowers for urban to midsized gardens, joining the wide selection of Automower® for large gardens up to 5,000m2.

Husqvarna Automower® uses the latest technology, unlocking hours of free time. It is so simple, all the lawn work done from the comfort of anywhere, at the touch of your smartphone


Helping to reduce direct emissions and the carbon footprint of GAA Clubs and local communities one lawn at a time, Husqvarna Ireland has launched its ‘Change For Climate Change’ GAA initiative. GAA clubs across the country will have the opportunity to fundraise for a greener solution to lawn maintenance, while also offering club members and local supporters the chance to transform how they maintain their very own lawn at home.