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Behold: the SSC Tuatara.

They said it would do it, and it did it.

Driven by British racing driver Oliver Webb over a two-way run along the straight section of Route 160 between Las Vegas and Pahrump, the 1,750bhp hypercar recently averaged 508.7km/h, clocking the Bugatti Chiron as the world’s fastest production car.

Go on. Tuat yourself. For €1.61 million.


Behold: the Tuatara – all all-American hypercar from Washington-based Shelby SuperCars.

The slippy, low drag profile combined with an utterly over the top 5.9 litre, twin turbo V8 cranking out 1,750bhp, delivers a top speed just shy of 500km/h.

And that’s the point of it, because the Tuatara is now poised to reclaim the title of ‘World’s Fastest Production Car’ for SSC – bragging rights previously held by the SSC Ultimate Aero from 2007-2010.

Only 100 will be built and when the dust settles, yours will cost €1.5 million.