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Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien (left) and Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe TD addressing media at Government Buildings yesterday

This morning.

The Dáil is set to vote today on a proposal to introduce a stamp duty charge of 10% on the purchase of ten or more houses under plans agreed by Cabinet last night.

Via RTÉ:

After more than two weeks of deliberations the Government has moved to change tax and planning laws to prevent big investors buying up housing estates.

The higher charge will also apply where someone acquires ten or more units on a cumulative basis over a 12-month period.

However, it will not apply to those bulk buying apartments, which is the focus for many in the Opposition already.

Dáil to vote on proposal to introduce 10% stamp duty on bulk buying (RTÉ)



In fairness.



Kieran writes:

I got a letter yesterday from my local TD Lucinda Creighton responding to emails I have sent to her about the local property tax.

Lucinda has been busy writing to Michael Noonan about some of her constituents’ disapproval and she forwarded me one of the letters she received back from Noonan (above). I find all the bullet points laughable but especially:

“The tax structure was known to the purchasers at the time”


“The revenues have already been spent on the provision of public services.”

The tax structure did not state that x number of years from now you will be made pay a property tax on top of the stamp duty. I’d also like to see evidence of how revenues spent stamp duty on the “provisions of public services” Is there a money trail that can hightlight exactly where the stamp duty payments went? German unsecured bondholders perhaps? Ex-ministers’ massive pensions maybe?