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Yesterday’s Sunday Times

Further to popular radio host Sue Nunn’s disappearance from the Kilkenny/Carlow airwaves.

Legal sabre-rattling (above) from Sue Nunn’s replacement John Masterson and his business partner, KCLR FM chief executive, John Purcell.

More as we get it.

Radio star Nunn airs her grievances with station (Sunday Times – behind paywall)

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From top: Sue Nunn’s show on KCLR and ‘stand in’ John Masterson

Do you live in Carlow or Kilkenny?

You may know Sue Nunn presenter of The Sue Nunn Show (10am to 12pm) on KCLR (broadcasting to Carlow and Kilkenny) since the station opened in 2004, has been missing from her show.

Anon writes:

Sue took Carers Leave in March 2015 to look after her husband who had terminal cancer. Her husband Clive died at home in July 2015.

She returned to work in September 2015 to find that in her absence, she had been permanently replaced on the show by fill-in presenter John Masterson [former Late Late show producer, Sunday Independent columnist.

The terms of the Carer’s Leave Act stipulate that after the leave one must be returned to the same job held before it.

The CEO of KCLR, John Purcell, is Chairman of the IBI, which represents the independent broadcast sector in Ireland and is a business partner of John Masterson in Purcell Masterson, a PR company based in Kilkenny. Their clients include…Family Carers Ireland!

Sue is sorely missed by her listeners who have not been told she has been prevented from returning to present her programme.

Meanwhile the latest JNLR figures for the station have shown a significant decline in listenership figures over the last year since Masterson has been presenting the programme.