Where Is Sue Nunn?



From top: Sue Nunn’s show on KCLR and ‘stand in’ John Masterson

Do you live in Carlow or Kilkenny?

You may know Sue Nunn presenter of The Sue Nunn Show (10am to 12pm) on KCLR (broadcasting to Carlow and Kilkenny) since the station opened in 2004, has been missing from her show.

Anon writes:

Sue took Carers Leave in March 2015 to look after her husband who had terminal cancer. Her husband Clive died at home in July 2015.

She returned to work in September 2015 to find that in her absence, she had been permanently replaced on the show by fill-in presenter John Masterson [former Late Late show producer, Sunday Independent columnist.

The terms of the Carer’s Leave Act stipulate that after the leave one must be returned to the same job held before it.

The CEO of KCLR, John Purcell, is Chairman of the IBI, which represents the independent broadcast sector in Ireland and is a business partner of John Masterson in Purcell Masterson, a PR company based in Kilkenny. Their clients include…Family Carers Ireland!

Sue is sorely missed by her listeners who have not been told she has been prevented from returning to present her programme.

Meanwhile the latest JNLR figures for the station have shown a significant decline in listenership figures over the last year since Masterson has been presenting the programme.



67 thoughts on “Where Is Sue Nunn?

  1. Claire Nolan

    Sue Nunn is an institution in Kilkenny, I can’t believe anyone would be foolish enough to try to replace her. And what appears to be dubious grounds as well!

  2. Addie

    Obviously in typical broadsheet fashion there’s other side to this story from “anon”? No? Fair enough.

    Damn the man etc.

  3. Eoin

    Maybe a little bit of activism is in order? If you don’t like it, stop listening and let them know you have stopped listening. Or arrange a petition for Nunns return? Maybe there’s space for both hosts on the airwaves? Has Sue got a potential legal case here?

    1. Well, tat's that

      Please don’t reminds us….. we’re sorry. If you want to see arrogance and entitlement you should look to his son, Eddie Hogan, he’s a treat.

  4. martco

    I’ve seen this kind of thing myself in one of my previous workplaces, it’s just a disgusting way to treat a fellow human being
    flawed decision-making based exclusively on numbers and pie charts, race to the bottom, modern life is poo and I approve of this naming & shaming exercise!

    1. marco

      Only the decision making wasn’t based on numbers and pie charts – the station ratings have gone down since Sue Nunn left. I hope Sue Nunn takes them to the cleaners to make ensure this doesn’t happen again.

  5. Helen. Wemydd

    I personally prefer the new show. Nothing against Sue but I feel she was forever forgetting what she had been told by whoever she was interviewing When Politicians were on, felt she was always trying to start an argument. Just my views

    1. Jimmy Quinn

      Whatever your personal taste, it’s distasteful in the xtreme to give your business partner someone’s job after they come back from caring for a deceased loved one.

    2. Mrs Murphy

      Heaven forbid an interviewer ask politicians provocative questions… we need more journalists like Sue Nunn.

  6. Susan

    Not only is this probably illegal, it is an insult, for a woman who took time off her very successful post as a KCLR presenter, to care for her dying husband. Only to return and find she has been replaced by her boss’s friend??!! I listen (or should say used to) to KCLR. Sue Nunn had a warmth, wit and intelligence that in her absence, leave the station cold. What ever happened to loyalty?

  7. Jimmy IN & Out

    What it fails to mention is that nobody listened to her bar her family and elderly neighbours. I might start listening to that blasted station again now.

  8. Maria dollard

    I support Sues right to return to her job as per the legislation. Whether you like her or not or think that her replacement has neither her wit or intelligence is besides the point. Carers in this country are treated badly and this is just more evidence of it.

  9. Bobby

    Are we sure she wanted to come back? Did she ask for. More time off. Was she offered early retirement? Did she agree a big payoff to leave the program?

    Or do we just assume she’s been usurped?

    1. Naoise Nunn

      She wanted to come back to the job she’s loved and done for 12 years at KCLR and for 14 years before that at Radio Kilkenny.

      1. Ray Carroll (Ray Cabs )

        I would love to see Sue back on air. She had me on her show a few times by phone. I was an avid listener and very surprised she was gone the way I’m reading. I thought she had left of her own accord and sad this is not the case. Sue is streets ahead of any presenter on radio and has a way of making you very comfortable listening to her.

    2. Susan

      I don’t think we would be hearing about this story if she wanted to retire… sounds like she was forced out without a choice.

  10. rotide

    Couldn’t you at least have called the station for a statement Bodger?

    Until you can even attempt to balance anonymous rumours, stop pretending to be journalists.

  11. David

    Sue Nunn is a great journalist and broadcaster. She was very good during interviews, she had compassion and genuine feeling towards every contributor and guest on the show. She gave them all a voice, listened to what they had to say and helped so many people get issued resolved. When she’s presenting, the show is on-par with Joe Duffy and Sean O’Rourke, unfortunately, that can no longer be said. Sue Nunn knows Carlow and Kilkenny inside and out and should be on the airwaves morning, noon and night. #BringSueBack

    1. Jimmy IN & Out

      David’s rant reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer’s brother told the employee to say the opposite of everything he had just said…

      Herb: [on phone] Okay, this is what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna hang up, call me back, and say the exact opposite of everything you just said. Goodbye.
      [hangs up]
      Herb: Bart, Lisa, come over here.
      Lisa Simpson: What is it, Unkie Herb?
      Herb: I want you to hear what the guys down at the plant think of your old man.
      [phone rings]
      Herb: Hello?
      Engineer: Um, Homer Simpson is a… brilliant man with lots of well thought-out, practical, ideas. He is insuring the financial security of this company for years to come. Oh yes, and his personal hygiene is above reproach.

  12. JCDecaux

    Used to enjoy Sue but stopped listening when that guy took over. Not surprised numbers are falling. Sue has been treated disgracefully.

  13. Sarah

    Honestly lads, stop for one second with your smart comments and Nunn jokes – this is an employment travesty. When we leave our work to care for our dying loved ones, we should not be punished for it. Would they have done this to a man? Seriously though we just celebrated International Women’s Day : are you all talk or are you going to stop for one minute and say yes ; this woman has been treated appallingly, and in our hearts we know they would not have done this to one of the long standing male members of their staff. I also believe that KCLR now has only ONE main female presenter left?

    Broadsheet – have you contacted KCLR or Purcell Masterson for a comment? PLease do not drop this story!

    1. Addie

      I don’t really think there’s any evidence this is a gender issue. Jobs for mates, perhaps but that’s it.

      And I’m not aware of any job that would let anyone take time off for so long and be able to facilitate their return in the way Anon would like. Especially if their position was possibly linked to commercial revenue. Yes it’s tragic, but I can’t imagine it’s illegal.

      1. Caroline

        Well in certain circumstances it is but that’s why we have laws and lawyers and such rather than just relying on your imagination.

        1. Sarah

          Exactly John. The Carers Law was brought in specifically to protect those who sacrifice their time in order to nurse a loved one. The government in return for this service to our society, must ensure they are not punished for their sacrifice. This is precisely what has happened here – a woman has had to leave her role for a period of time to nurse her dying husband. Anyone who has seen anyone succumb to cancer or any disease knows how physically and mentally draining that is – and then to be punished for it by not being returned to the role you held for years previous?

          Addie – commercial revenue point is moot – listenership is now plummeting. Not being able to hold a position open moot – the role is the same and her skill set and experience still applies.

          This woman’s husband died. Imagine if this was your mother or sister or aunt. Imagine she had picked herself off the floor after a year of care and then grief, tried to return to some sense of normality & found the job she had effectively created had now been filled by the owner’s business partner.

          Honestly people – if we do not protect the carers in our society – then what are we making these bloody laws for?

      2. Philip

        Shame on you and them! It’s wrong (period). Anyone must feel secure when such tragedy strikes and one should be protected by the law and the employer. I cannot believe some of the comments here. THINK about it! How would you feel if it happened to you or someone you loved?
        I definitley will boycott KCLR.

  14. Peter Dempsey

    I thought this was a missing persons story at first.

    Don’t know Sue but that’s a bad way to treat somebody

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