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[Cars clamped on the Mespil Road last summer]

The Irish Times has seen documents showing that clamping company Dublin Street Parking Services have been given a clamping target of 60,000 vehicles a year by Dublin City Council with the council threatening to pay the company less if this target is not met.

In order for the DSPS to reach that target it is offering to pay its 50 staff members a bonus of €2,000 each – should the target be met.

Also, the Irish Times reports that clampers can leave a 10-hour shift after 8.5 hours if they’ve clamped 21 cars.

It reported:

In a letter to staff last year, sent prior to the appointment of the facilitator, the company said the council was not happy with the number of clampings in 2012. “We were expected to deliver approximately 60,000 clamps in 2012. We delivered approximately 54,000. If we continue to deliver 10 per cent less than the service that is expected, the council wants to pay less for the service.”

Dublin City Council set 60,000 target for clampers (Irish Times)

Meanwhile, alternatively:

A man takes matters into his own hands and removes a clamp from his van at an unknown location in Dublin, before driving off.

That's how we roll in Dublin mothafukka!!! #clampers #justice #lol

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