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This morning/afternoon.

Irish Aviation Authority Conference Centre, Dublin

Scenes from the Sinn Féin – A New Economy for A Changing Ireland conference including Pearse Doherty TD (above), Sinn Fein finance spokesman and Dr Rory Hearne (pic 2), of Maynooth University.

As he closed the  conference, Mr Doherty said:

Today I am announcing a bold and urgent policy in keeping with our priorities in the coming budget to tackle this growing cost of living crisis. Sinn Féin is proposing the introduction of a temporary tax relief for renters.

This relief will cover the price of one month’s rent for every renter in the State for a period of three years.

In other words, the relief will be 8.3% of rent paid in a year. It will be capped at €1,500 per renter, and will be refundable to ensure working families on low incomes can benefit.

Alongside this measure, Sinn Féin is proposing a three year, emergency rent freeze.

“Existing tenancies would have their rents frozen at their current levels. All new tenancies would be pegged to the Residential Tenancies Board standardised average rent index by County and where appropriate Local Electoral Area….”


Sinn Féin proposes three year rent freeze and tax relief for renters – Donegal TD (Donegal Now)