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Conor Walsh writes:

The Men’s National Lacrosse Team in Ireland are on their road to Denver but they need your help to get there. As the team is entirely player funded, there is added pressure on players outside of their rigorous physical training schedule to scrimp and save every penny they have we are looking for ordinary, decent lacrosse fans to step up and Be Our Hero.
All you have to do is buy one of our superhero themed t-shirts [above] and you will be supporting the Irish Men’s National Lacrosse Team as they prepare to do battle at the World Lacrosse Championships in Denver in July 2014…

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Ireland Lacrosse

Lowry says he intends running in the next general election. He says that despite all the “public humiliation” he has had to endure, he has managed to build up a local political organisation, the “Lowry Team”, with eight councillors, including his son Micheál.

“If I’m knocked over by a bus, it won’t be the end of the Lowry Team. The Lowry Team will go on in Tipperary.”

Welcome to Lowryland (Irish Times)

(Photocall Ireland)