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Six euros.



From the DAA:

The operator of Flutes at Dublin Airport has asked me to contact you as your post re: Granola is misleading. The item in question is Crunchy granola, served with natural yogurt with Boyne Valley honey and a fresh fruit salad for €5.95 (see above).



It appears to be primary season in student politics and this likable enough fellow is Paddy Guiney, one of four candidates hoping to become Campaign and Communications Officer for UCD Students’ Union.

In the manner of that Dublin Airport Terminal 2 advert (expertly lampooned by Barry Murphy), Paddy lists off the great things about UCD including its alumni. It all starts to wobble as we are reminded the college has “given the the world a chairman of Goldman Sachs” (cheers) and positively wibbles as he brags: “And we’ve given Irish men (pause for snigger) Rosanna Davison.” At which point the desire to bomb Belfield becomes overpowering.

Thanks UCDlilly