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CEO of the HSE Paul Reid at a media briefing yesterday

On Sunday.

In the Business Post, Susan Mitchell reported:

Multiple media outlets have sought precise details of the extent of the testing backlog.

The HSE and the Department of Health have repeatedly refused to disclose this information. This is not because the information does not exist. It does.

In fact, detailed information on the backlog is collated and broken down by individual geographical areas called community healthcare organisations (CHO) within the HSE.

An official document dated March 27, but labelled confidential, laid it all out clearly. Back then, there was a testing backlog of just over 83,013 according to “information available” on March 23.

More up-to-date figures are certainly available. They’re simply being hidden from view.

Further to this…

Yesterday, CEO of the HSE Paul Reid told journalists that the backlog of Covid-19 tests has dropped from around 35,000 people waiting for results to 11,000.

He also said he expects the backlog to be fully cleared by the end of the week.


Susan Mitchell: Do not test the public’s patience by keeping the truth from them (Business Post)

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