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You may have missed The Media Show presented by warm-throated business journalist Conor Brophy on Sunday night on RTÉ Radio One.

Irish Examiner columnist Michael Clifford and Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin (above) engaged in a civilised but revealing debate about the current media-government interface with a critical Mr Howlin wondering why the press is “obsessed” with ministers who break pay caps for advisors. Hmm.


Liam Geraghty writes:

Shalini Sinha talks about the banned documentary film India’s Daughter, Vice President at Nickelodeon UK Tim Patterson and Cross-Divisional Head of Children’s Content at RTE Shelia de Courcy discuss the future of children’s television and Colm Keegan on memes breaking the internet. Oh and Bosco makes an appearance

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(Sam Boal/Photocall ireland)


Last night’s RTÉ Radio One’s The Media Show host Conor Brophy discussed political satire with England-born Kilkenny-based Sean Hardie – one of the brains behind Spitting Image, Bremner, Bird and Fortune and Not the Nine O’Clock News.

Mr Hardie said the Barry Murphy-led series Irish Pictorial Weekly was the best satire “I’ve seen in any country for a long while.”

He also discussed the ‘controversial’ depiction of Squee above (but not the possibly more ‘controversial’ depiction of presidential assistant Kevin McCarthy).

Conor Brophy:
“Did you bat those things around though in terms of whether you would actually go down that direction or not, because I’m thinking one of the things you don’t want to do is get into belittling people because of the way they appear.”

Sean Hardie:
“It’s a very difficult one that, because sometimes what you want to try to do is get the essence of what a persons like. So, if someone is like a bear or someone is like a cow or someone is like a monkey, it’s a very useful image to have in your mind and their physical body language is bound up with it. There’s a very interesting case in point with Oliver Callan and our president as to whether you reference the fact of what our president looks like.
I mean Oliver is a terrific impressionist. It’s an awkward kind of an area as to whether…I mean the fact about Michael D is – he’s a great man, he’s done wonderful things and his heart is exactly in the right place but he’s a terrible old gasbag and when you see him walking out and representing the nation, there is something which says our dignity is not quite where it ought to be at the moment, which doesn’t belittle his achievements as a president but the physical thing is – do you do it, don’t you do it?
It’s a fine line. If all you’re doing is saying so and so has got a stutter, you’re not really achieving anything. But if it’s part of who they are, then yeah, it’s kind of fair game….”


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Thanks Liam Geraghty


Is your paper too right wing?

Or not right wing enough?

Liam Geraghty, of the rather good Media Show, writes:

Last night on RTÉ Radio One’s The Media Show with Conor Brophy: journalist Eamonn McCann and Irish Daily Mail Editor Sebastian Hamilton debate whether there’s any left leaning media in Ireland? Deputy managing editor of the Independent (London) Will Gore on the dilemma of reporting ISIS propaganda, Love/Hate composer Ray Harman’s radio essay on creating music for film and a report on JNLR Radio Wars featuring RTÉ Group Commercial Director Willie O’Reilly, FM104’s CEO Margaret Nelson, Chief Exceutive of Galway Bay fm and Kate Shanahan – DIT Head of Journalism.


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Conor Brophy, presenter of The Media Show

Liam Geraghty writes:

The Media Show – a new 13 week series – began last night on RTÉ Radio One (Sundays at 7pm). Presented by Conor Brophy, the series will look at the pressing issues in the sector including ownership, diversity, press freedom and how digital media are changing the way content is delivered and consumed. Last night’s show featured NPR media journalist David Folkenflik profiling the new media tycoons, inside Al Jazeera from the point of view of two Irish journalists who have worked there and a celebration of the art of tabloid headline writing…

The Media Show – podcast