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Free Sunday afternoon?

Introduce your love to the music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Barry H writes:

Ente the Dark Heart of Valentine’s Day with the music of Nick Cave played by The Van Diemens [Jack Healy and Mark Walsh]….There are songs that have defined our lives through the good times and the bad, you have heard them sheltering at the crossroads of misery and abandon, you have heard them at the altar of ecstasy and elation.

Songs that portray everything from sin, murder, love, death, regret and hope to songs that are simply enjoyed for their time defying melodies and their inexplicable lifting of the soul. When such songs and music are discussed there is one name that is routinely referred to, Nick Cave… and of course The Bad Seeds.


The Stag’s Head, Dame Lane, Dublin 2

4pm €8

The Van Diemens