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Mark Cantan writes:

“On Monday, at The Tightrope,[Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin, a bunch of improvisers took on the characteristics of the main political parties and held a comedy debate. Thought you and your readers might appreciate the highlights…”

Starring: Moderators – Neil Curran, Seán Flaherty; John Joe Jones (AAA) – Aaron Fever; Martin McMartin (Sinn Féin) – Mark Cantan; Nigel Furlong (Fianna Fáil) – Neil O’Rourke; Séamus O’Shea (Fine Gael) – Rick Doody; Susan Limp (Labour) – Diane O’Connor; Alan Fisk (Social Democrats) – Luke Benson; Natalie Snootin (Renua) – Kelly Shatter; Cassandra Ní Coinín (Green Party) – Denise McDermott.


The Tightrope