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Free Friday?

Tightrope Dublin presents ‘Sketch Night’ in the Pearse Centre, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 Dublin at 8pm.

Neil Curran (him off the telly!) writes:

The thrill of theatre, the attention span of television. Dublin’s own comedy furnace,Dublin’s own comedy furnace, the Tightrope, presents a special once-off night of live sketch comedy.

Think Monty Python, SNL or Key & Peele, but here and now, and right before your eyes.

Featuring unique performances from Lovely Stuff, the Underthings, and the live debut of Youtube sketch group Kings of the Harpies.

Tightrope Dublin

Two shows!

Improv for ALL ages!

Neil Curran (him off the telly) writes:

Taking place in the Pearse Centre Theatre, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Love! Improv has TWO improv comedy events this Friday both of which are in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

The Super Awesome Family Show (5:30pm) brings improv comedy to all the family. Two teams will battle for the love of the audience in a spontaneous show using audience suggestions for inspiration.

Christmas Jumper Jam (8pm) is for a more mature audience, a chance for the audience to play or just sit back and enjoy the show. Christmas attire encouraged!

We will be collecting toys and hand delivering them to sick kids in Crumlin Hospital during Christmas week so if anyone has any unopened toys that they’d be willing to donate, it would be greatly appreciated! (The only toys the hospital can’t take are teddies and cuddly toys)…

Love! Improv (Facebook)

Free this weekend?

Like improv?

Neil Curran (him off the telly) writes:

Coming this weekend to the Pearse Centre Theatre [27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2] is [PLAY], a weekend of improvised plays, one acts and even a musical! created in the moment, and inspired by audience suggestion, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the exhilaration of improvised theatre with some of the finest improvisers on the scene.

There are shows at 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm on Friday and Saturday. Tickets from €8.

PLAY – A weekend of Improvised Plays and Monoscenes

Neil Curran (left) with a new star of improv

At the Smock Alley Theatre, Lower Exchange Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8 .

Neil +1 is a spontaneous comedy show featuring artistic director of Improv Fest Ireland Neil Curran (him off the telly) and a random audience member.

Completely unplanned and improvised!

Neil writes:

This is your chance to be the star of the show…This Saturday as part of the 20th International Literature Festival Dublin, ‘Neil+1’ takes the stage in Smock Alley. An improvised theatre show where an audience member becomes the star in a show in a live interactive experience like no other.

Neil +1 at Smock Alley Theatre


Creviceimprov electronic/ambient from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley and Roslyn Steer are Crevice, a collective of electronic improv performers.

02. Each with a background in Irish independent & avant-garde music, the outfit specialises an atmospheric ambience. In their relatively short time together, they’ve come in for critical acclaim, winning the IndieCork Music Award in 2015.

03. Streaming above is Sludge Gore, a live take that forms part of their limited publicly-available output to date.

04. Performing next at Cork County Hall this Friday night for Culture Night, with Rory Francis O’Brien in support. Kickoff 8.30. Roslyn Steer also has a solo performance as part of TEDx CorkSalon’s #Cork Loves Music event, Wednesday night at Coughlan’s.

Verdict: By their nature difficult to discuss beyond vague descriptors and moods, Crevice are a compelling proposition, but must be experienced live to be fully understood.



FIXITYCork percussionist leads sonic explorations

What you may need to know…

01. More improv from Leeside courtesy of drummer extraordinaire Dan Walsh and an assortment of collaborators.

02. He of The Great Balloon Race, Cork Improvised Music Club, jazz night Blue Note, and formerly of a million other bands and outfits, both as composer and session performer, of course.

Streaming above in its entirety is his new album Fixity, released on tape label KantCope.

04. Appearing last night as part of the label’s triple album launch at St. Luke’s in Cork, Fixity “represents the beginning of a project that will manifest itself in many ways”, according to Walsh himself.

Verdict: One of the country’s most prodigiously talented percussionists continues to explore his and his collaborators’ horizons.



Not Earth – released self-titled LP last week

What you may need to know…

1. Neither a band nor an album in the traditional sense, Not Earth comes about from a single four-hour recorded improv session in Cork’s Big Skin studio, featuring the trio of Dan Walsh (drums), Darren Keane (bass) and David O’Máthúna (synth).

Says Darren: “We’ve played in various bands over the years but first played together as a trio in 2014 at an improv night run by Dan. Something clicked then and we jammed a few times culminating in the recording session.

3. Recorded, edited and engineered by Walsh, who cut the jams down to an album’s length, the resulting LP was mastered by Tim Fitzgerald (fka Twin Lights).

4. The album launched last night at Gulpd Cafe in Cork’s TDC, as part of Record Store Day weekend shenanigans, and is available for download from Bandcamp. This Sunday sees the Cork Improvised Music Club, under whose auspices the project’s initial jams occurred, host an open workshop in the same venue.

Verdict: Some fairly wild jams picked from the ether of improvisation. Spontaneity meets density and dexterity.

Cork Improvised Music Club


Gavin PriorBetween Breaths

Here’s what you may need to know…

1. Guitarist/producer/improv veteran Gavin Prior returns with latest solo LP All Who Wander, available now for preorder on Bandcamp via Deserted Village. Single Between Breaths is streaming in the widget above.

2. Currently of free jazz/metal lads Tarracóir and acapella group The Primal Barber Trio, he’s also been part of folk outfit United Bible Studies and improv group Murmansk.

3. Among the host of musicians he’s improvised live with are Can vocalist Damo Suzuki, world-renowned cellist Okkyung Lee, and London reductionist-school harpist Rhodri Davies.

4. Previous solo works The Avalon Suite (inspired by examples of second-language English while teaching in Korea), and Babbleon Cork (a series of field recordings completed while resident in Shandon’s Guesthouse) are now available for free download.

Verdict: A man with an extensive and intriguing body of work across original compositions, improvisation, and field recordings continues his journey.

Gavin Prior

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 15.31.16

Mark Cantan writes:

“On Monday, at The Tightrope,[Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin, a bunch of improvisers took on the characteristics of the main political parties and held a comedy debate. Thought you and your readers might appreciate the highlights…”

Starring: Moderators – Neil Curran, Seán Flaherty; John Joe Jones (AAA) – Aaron Fever; Martin McMartin (Sinn Féin) – Mark Cantan; Nigel Furlong (Fianna Fáil) – Neil O’Rourke; Séamus O’Shea (Fine Gael) – Rick Doody; Susan Limp (Labour) – Diane O’Connor; Alan Fisk (Social Democrats) – Luke Benson; Natalie Snootin (Renua) – Kelly Shatter; Cassandra Ní Coinín (Green Party) – Denise McDermott.


The Tightrope


Whose free time is it anyway?

A host of names undergo a crash course in improv in front of a life audience.

Blue nosed social media networker  Darragh Doyle writes:

“Improv Fest Ireland’s Finale Event in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin returns again this year on Sunday, November 23 at the Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. Tickets are only €15 and all proceeds go to the charity.”

Buy tickets here

The Celebrity Comedy Improv