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Maura Higgins

Meanwhile. on ITV’s Love Island….

The reality-TV gods must have praised the heavens when Maura declared as her opening gambit: “The things I’d do to him.” She could hear herself screaming his name, she admitted.

He gave her the “fanny flutters”. “I wish he was eating me,” she added decisively, in case anyone was left in any doubt about her intentions.

…It appears to be the first time the following has occurred to people: that just because a woman talks freely and comfortably about sex, that just because she’s partial to a bit of innuendo, it doesn’t mean she owes anything to anyone.

The “all- mouthers” aren’t obliged to prove their point by following it up with action.

Tom’s personality prolapse was complete a day later, when he, to use the vernacular, totally showed his arse.

In true beta-male fashion, Tom put Maura’s assertiveness down to being a bit extra. “She’s too loud, attention-seeking and a bit cringe,” he said, but not before kissing and making up with her.

If you’re a confident woman with a dating life, you will surely know the drill by now: to these Milquetoasts, who like their girls “ladylike” – read: pliable – it’s not them. It’s never them. It’s you.

She has barely been in the villa a wet fortnight, but Maura has already given toxic masculinity a perfectly manicured two fingers.


Love Island: Maura Higgins from Longford gives two fingers to toxic masculinity (Tanya Sweeney, Irish Times)

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Pic: ITV

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