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Of this rather excellent sample of sampled and resampled sampling, Eclectic Method sez:

A video remix journey through the history of sampling taking in some of the most noted breaks and riffs of the decades. A chronological journey from the Beatles’ use of the Mellotron in the 60s to the sample dense hiphop and dance music of the 80s and 90s. Each break is represented by a vibrating vinyl soundwave exploding into various tracks that sampled it, each re-use another chapter in the modern narrative.

Mp3 download here.

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K’Nex builder Austin sez of this insanely over-engineered, utterly wonderful ball-run:

This is Clockwork, my fifth major K’nex ball machine, and my largest and most complex K’nex structure to date. It took 8 months to build, has over 40,000 pieces, over 450 feet of track, 21 different paths, 8 motors, 5 lifts, and a one-of-a-kind computer-controlled crane, as well as two computer-controlled illuminated K’nex balls.



We’re not normally huge fans of racing games but this insane fly-through launch trailer for Ubisoft’s Trackmania 2 Canyon is just so damned eyeball-pleasing.

Despite the labyrinthine build, it’s also easy to play, using little more than the arrow, backspace, and enter keys on a PC keyboard.

Apparently, you can do it with one hand. But that’s your own personal business.

Trackmania 2 Canyon on PC is addictive, beautiful, and oddly local (Ars Technica)