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Leopardstown, County Dublin.

What little cash was left in the 1980s went on the gee-gees.

Soft ‘g’, ladies.

The 2015 MTI Racing Boat: no ordinary racing boat.

Unless your idea of ordinary is a fully air-conditioned cockpit, a 40,000-watt ‘interior and exterior’ stereo, eight leather seats, video entertainment monitors and LED lighting.

Or the five-point restraints, escape hatches, and integrated roll cage necessitated by a terrifying 156 knot (290km/h, 180mph) top speed, achieved by the joint effort of two 1,350hp QC4V Mercury Racing engines.

In which case, it’s a fairly run of the mill speedboat.

Currently accepting bids.


So the internets was on fire last week about Batman being pulled over. Turns out the guy’s a businessman from Baltimore County who visits sick children in hospitals.

Of course, all this is just a feeble pretext, allowing us to post this video of the 1960’s Batmobile racing the 1989 version:

(There’s also an extended 10:10 version with ads at the start)

 io9/Comics Alliance



We’re not normally huge fans of racing games but this insane fly-through launch trailer for Ubisoft’s Trackmania 2 Canyon is just so damned eyeball-pleasing.

Despite the labyrinthine build, it’s also easy to play, using little more than the arrow, backspace, and enter keys on a PC keyboard.

Apparently, you can do it with one hand. But that’s your own personal business.

Trackmania 2 Canyon on PC is addictive, beautiful, and oddly local (Ars Technica)


More than 50 people participated in Germany’s third annual office chair championships on April 16th, racing each other on a downhill course in the town of Bad Koenig, The contestants were free to adapt their office chairs for race conditions, but were not allowed motors to propel them down the cordoned-off road. Most had mounted inline skater wheels for greater speed.

Racers also wore helmets, knee pads and elbow protectors, as contestants reached speeds of up to 35 kilometers per hour (21.7 mph). Some sat on the chair, others lay on their stomachs. The prize eventually went to Luxembourg native Pierre Feller, who timed in at 26.59 seconds, setting a record.

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