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Free2 Free3Members of Alliance for Choice NI pictured at Free Derry Corner on Saturday highlighting the fact that the UK City of Culture 2013 is not the City of Choice for women.

Although a part of the United Kingdom, 40 women leave Northern Ireland each week seeking an abortion.

Derry Anarchists (Facebook)

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Orange Order Parades in Belfast


Chair of Culture Company 2013, Martin Bradley, said: “It’s fantastic that as Derry-Londonderry glories in its status as UK City of Culture the city is playing host to an extensive programme of Orange Order events.

“Given that 2013 is such landmark year for the city, marking as it does the 400th anniversary of the granting of the city charter and the building of the city walls, it’s particularly fitting that Derry-Londonderry will be the location for key elements of the Orange Order’s flagship celebrations.


UK City of Culture to host Flagship Twelfth (Grand Orange Lodge)

(Albert Gonzalez / Photocall Ireland)