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Squee meets former Vita Cortex workers at Aras an Uachtarain this afternoon having  invited the laid-off staff – all members of SIPTU – to the Aras after they successfully resolved their 161-day dispute over outstanding redundancy payments. Bottom pic, from left: Kevin McCabe, Agnes McCarthy and Catherine McCabe.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

To the Vita Cortex Workers,

Cillian Murphy here.

For whatever its worth I really just wanted to pass on my admiration to you all for the courage and commitmment you are displaying in your sit-in. To everyone following this situation from the outside it is more than clear that you have right on your side and that what you are highlighting is hugely important to us all as a nation.  As a fellow Corkonian with stubborn tendencies, I salute your refusal to accept what is an obvious injustice. I wish ye strength.

 Fair play to ye all…Up Cork


I Salute Your Refusal To Accept An Obvious Injustice (VitaCortexWorkers)

Thanks Moylough

On January 12, applications close for IBRC’s [Anglo’s] severance programme. Departing workers will receive four weeks’ pay per year of service including statutory pay. Though the offer is a substantial drop from the six weeks package on offer in 2009, interest is expected to be high. IBRC is targeting 350 redundancies. The package was rubberstamped by the Department of Finance, and it is pretty clear that it will be a benchmark for future redundancy packages.

Brian Carey, Sunday Times (behind paywall)