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They don’t normally do this.

Just some of the items left behind by 1980s-loving ‘revellers’ attending the Forever Young Festival in Palmerston House, Naas, County Kildare.

No bumbags then?

Meanwhile, Speedy, who won a pair of Nick’s Free Tixto the festival, writes:

Thanks to everyone there at Broadsheet, Nick Kelly, Karen & all at Forever Young for a fantastic weekend of festivalling. The crowd, the line up, the outfits & the atmosphere were amazing but the free tickets were best of all! Roll on Forever Young 2020, can’t wait to do it all again. Thanks a million!

Forever Young (Facebook)

Monday:A Kind Of Magic

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.09.25

Liam Carey writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but my guitar (above) was stolen from the boot of my car about two weeks ago. My car was parked on Jervis Street, Dublin 1. It’s not very expensive but has sentimental value.

I was learning to play and it was given to me by a friend. It’s hard to find an exact replacement online. I’m not holding out much hope but would appreciate any help! Many thanks…




Another Führer ‘tache-smudged Cat.

Lost in Wicklow.

Nicole writes:

I know you you don’t normnally do this but can you help find my little lost cat. I hand reared him from a tiny newborn kitten and he is very dear to me and his ‘Daddy’ (!). I last saw him on Easter Monday morning and I thought he was off doing catty things in the good weather but he hasn’t returned.
A neighbour saw him on Wednesday [April 8]. He is missing from Kilmolin near Enniskerry [Co Wicklow] but he may have roamed a long way. He is a black and white domestic short hair male cat, two and a half years old. He has a distinctive super hero/Zorro/Batman mask, a black body, white legs and zig zag stripes on his hind quarters.His name is ‘Poitín‘. May answer to “Poo-chie” or “Pu-cheen”. He also loves Whiska’s pouches and may possible be tempted with food. Thanks so much, Nicole.