Monthly Archives: September 2010

But someone has brazenly painted ‘TRY’ on the road. The brand new Google Streetview of Kildare Street. Not unlike Joe’s view.

Now go and find your house. We’re off to get pixelated.

Back at 9am.

So Google Street View (Ireland) has launched.  It protects people’s privacy by blurring their faces.  Even if they don’t want their faces blurred.

Sometimes it doesn’t work.  Or is Google attempting to spare us?

(Thanks to Stephen for the tip!)

Cowen leaving the Norwich Union Stadium this morning.

Hahahaha. He’s leaving through the back door. And that woman is ignoring him. Metaphor overl-

Hang on.

Who owns the extra hand?

Apparently ladies’ hooters are soon to make an appearance at GAA National League games. (fnarr!) Good news for referees, who already have their hands full. (snurk!)

New Hooter System To Be Tested (Irish Independent)


No Photoshop.

Kevin Cardiff, Secretary General of the, oh yes, Department of Finance at the IPA conference this morning.

Dude needs a cuddle.

(Photocall Ireland)


‘It’s an instant cult classic!’

No it isn’t.