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You see, the angel is the IMF, and the guy’s hand, well that’s…

Oh never mind.

Back at 9am. Literally.

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Design concepts for Adidas Twitter and Facebook sneakers by Gerry McKay.

Laugh now. Be given a pair for Christmas next year.

Gerry McKay on Behance

My oh my. What do we have ‘ere?

It’s an an eight week art installation off Dame Lane. With seating made from found objects (all directly influenced by the laneway users) the project examines the existence and possibilities of community in a mostly transient space.

Never mind all that, my son. Have you ever had your hipster collar felt before?


Well allow me to be the first. Hipsters. You’re NICKED. Get in the back of the van.


Highlights of the Battle Of The Year 2010 international breakdancing championships last Saturday in Montpelier.

Music by Kraddy.


Treehoppers. They exist. Deal with it.

Firstly: Did God drop acid back in the day?

The second thing one asks is, “What the bloody hell is all that ornamentation on the thorax?” (Note that the “balls” on the antenna-like structure aren’t eyes, but simply spheres of chitin.)  A first guess is that it’s a sexually-selected trait, but those are often limited to males, and these creatures show the ornaments in both sexes.  Kemp hypothesizes—and this seems quite reasonable—that “the hollow globes, like the remarkable excrescences exhibited by other treehoppers, probably deter predators.”  It would be hard to grab, much less chow down on, a beast with all those spines and excrescences.

More pix and the full article by  ecologist Jerry A Coyne here.


Taken literally two hours ago.

And for the day what’s in it, may we recommend another viewing of Charlie Brooker on ‘Snow’.


(Photocall Ireland)


Just a guy doing quadruple back-flips into a lake from a 99ft rope swing.

That’s all.