Can This Be True?


Brian writes:

Don’t know if this is generally known but Meteor broadband is censoring

When I rang customer service (1747) saying I couldn’t access the site, the rep said they “didn’t allow piracy”. This is outrageous don’t you think? An Irish broadband provider censoring access to the internet, where no applicable law is in effect

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  1. carl

    whats outrageous about not being able to steal content? why is anyone entitled to steal? What is wrong with Irish society when artists, musicians and film makers are considered to be the baddies for trying to protect their livelihood? This is a nonsense about internet censorship, people are entitled to earn a living and thank you meteor for helping to protect the producers who do something important enough to create content in the first place. Armchair anarchists should consider whether their contribution to society is better served doing something more positive than whinging about an entitlement to steal content.

    1. Liam

      Nobody’s trying to stop anybody from making a living. The market will always choose the best product at the best price. In ‘protecting’ a business model which clearly no longer provides such a product, content creators are actually denying themselves a living.

      But using financial muscle to lobby lawmakers into placing strangleholds on the internet?

      Yeah, that’s the bit people are trying to stop.

    2. Jockstrap

      Carl. The issue (as you are probably well aware) is not the illegal downloading of content. It is the unlawful blocking of a USP.

      When this starts, where does it end? All sorts of reasons will be dreamed up to protect large corporations against any kind of perceived threat to their activities, illegal or legal.

      The scope of information will narrow which means the scope of information certain people don’t want you to see will grow in proportion.

    3. Zuppy International

      @ carl

      You seem to be the one talking nonsense. I’m an artist and I don’t give two f**ks about piracy. If people want to “steal” (as you call it) my work then I take it as a compliment.

      Using “copyright” as a stalking horse to try and censor the internet, is a myopic and futile policy. It’s destroying freedom of speech to protect corporate agendas and political reputations. It is doomed to failure.

    4. Adam Sampler

      This is the equivalent of banning sales of Casio watches because terrorists use them as timers for bombs.

        1. BadAnalogyGuy

          You totally need a car analogy … was it Dara O’Brian who mocked those movie piracy ads
          ~ you wouldn’t steal a car
          ~ but if your mate offerred you a copy of his car you wouldn’t say no would you

    5. Adam McSavage

      The problem with this isn’t piracy, I am completely against pirating other peoples material. Its the censorship being dictated by our Internet Service Providers. They are so afraid of legal action that eventually they will restrict access to any site suspected of copyright infringement, which is way too much power over a media that is considered to be free speech. Unfortunately piracy will always exist, the key to overcoming it is providing an easier and incentivized purchase for customers so that they actually want to buy rather than bother to pirate.

      Large companies like EMI must be forced to innovate by developments in the industry when they grow to such a size. Do you think services like iTunes, Spotify and Netflix would exist without the original pirate service Napster?

    6. Carl

      There is content on thepiratebay other than illegal downloads. Plenty of linux distributions, for example, use torrents to distribute their OS.

    7. Simon Dignam

      You clearly dont understand the actual issue at hand here ‘Carl’. This isnt about piracy. This is about censorship of the most vital tool our society has at the moment.

    8. Anne Hero

      Your ignorance in that poorly written stream of consciousness is embarrassing. Please ascertain some level of knowledge on the issue at hand before sh*tting all over your keyboard like an insolent child.

  2. sean

    Not surprising considering Meteor is an Eircom company and Eircom have blocked tpb for over a year now !

    1. whatsyeronesname


      Yeah….why is this even news?? I couldn’t go to tpb for at least a year because of a disclaimer from eircom.

      1. Adam McSavage

        I am also an unvalued Eircom customer and the funniest thing about this is I have managed to access TPB through Google’s cache feature, no proxy involved.

  3. Tommy

    They should block youtube if that is the case. Probably the best resource for instant music streaming out there.

      1. Tommy

        That might be the case for the big artists and labels. Youtube is a haven for illegal shared copyrighted material and should be blocked by eircom if they are to follow their own rules.

    1. Adam McSavage

      Also an Eircom company, but completely agree with you. Who’s going to police the ISP’s?

  4. 3Cees

    I went off-my-head when eircom banned tpb. I never visit nor use tpb. It was the precedent it was setting. It’s the thin edge of the wedge. What is to stop the Government censoring the internet now. What’s to stop them banning sites with content they don’t agree with. What’s to stop eircom restricting access to BT’s site (hey, could happen! – bit extreme but you get my point) Today it’s the tpb… what will they do tomorrow…

        1. Gav D


          Its a completely bloody futile effort. Just type “free proxy server” into google. Any of those sites still alloq you unfettered access.

  5. Dave

    I would assume is blocked by the DNS, and if so, go google UPCs DNS server (or any other on the net) and make the changes in your TCP/IP of your connection settings… Curious to see if this works or not

    1. Evil Al

      It is blocked by DNS *and* by IP, so that alone will not work. A proxy will work though, or a VPN.

  6. Crested Ted

    Or better still cancel your contract and tell them why

    Totally agree it’s not their decision to decided whats banned and whats not, if they do want to take on that role, then move ISP.

    When they have less customers they might review there policy.

    I am shopping for a new ISP but Eircom/Meteor are not on the list. I don’t use Pirate bay, the same function can be done with ease on youtube as pointed out above.

    1. emzo

      I’ve had no problems with Smart Telecom ..can get a fixed IP easily too and extra upload and I have no monthly cap

    1. Paul

      it’s not the point though. This is censorship; decided not by law or government of the people but by some faceless businessman. Meteor are actually breaking the law here not their customers.

      Wikileaks. Twitter. Facebook. All vital in the last year’s uprisings and democratic revolts, all censored by governements and/or business (e.g. JPMorgan Chase censoring twitter).

      Thin edge of wedge. Leave meteor.

  7. Sendog

    eircom own meteor and emobile. They have entered into a private agreement with the music corps and have the graduated system, “3 strike rule” in place. The data commissioner has ruled that this is illegal and eircom/music heads are appealing this to the high court. dont now when it will be heard tho..

  8. James Byrne

    Plenty of other good Torrent sites out there, not that I’d ever use them. I mean who am I to cause loss of earnings to mega rich celebrates? Where would their dogs sleep if they couldn’t afford $50,000 dog houses (MTV Cribs) or what if poor John Travolta wants to add a second runway to his back garden?

    Where does Eircom/Meteor/eMobile stand on blocking access to websites containing child pornography? Oh right I forgot multi-billion dollar corporations are not loosing any money due to their exploitation…

  9. Gav D

    Could someone confirm my understanding here:

    Eircom didnt start blocking the pirate bay because of anything in irish statutory law.

    They had to block access to the pirate bay as an out of court type settlement (with IRMA possibly?), because they were going to be sued for being very silly billys and actually ADVERTISING on the pirate bay.

    Am I correct that this is the case?

    1. Moo Cow

      As far as I know, the Eircom blocking TPB issue is due to a court injunction, which Eircom did not contest. If they had contested the injunction, they would have won.

      1. hoopla

        as much as i am against the censoring of t’interwebnettie by any company, i have to ask here, how do you know they would have won?

        crystal ball perhaps?

  10. emzo

    The Pirate Bay hosts torrents for non-copyrighted material, and open-source material… so it is censorship.
    Maybe ISP’s could give a warning :
    “WARNING this site could contain copyrighted material. You are liable under XXXXX if you download copyrighted material. “Meteor Broadband” (or other ISP name) are not liable if you download copyrighted material”


    1. Roy Cabinet

      Exactly the point I wanted to make. While there is lots of pirated material on TPB, there is plenty of non-pirated material too.

      Pure censorship!

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