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Brian writes:

Don’t know if this is generally known but Meteor broadband is censoring thepiratebay.org.

When I rang customer service (1747) saying I couldn’t access the site, the rep said they “didn’t allow piracy”. This is outrageous don’t you think? An Irish broadband provider censoring access to the internet, where no applicable law is in effect

Casablanca: “‘Picture deals with North Africa, etc. Shows German activities in sinister light and Vichy partisans also. Unpresentable in a neutral country. Reel 4A: Cut words “Could you forgive her?”; Cut words “That would be all right, wouldn’t it?” Reel 5A: Cut from words “The day you left Paris” down to words “how much I still love you”; Cut from words “All except one” down to words “didn’t love you so much”. Reel 6A: Cut from words “But Richard, No, I, I” down to words “you can’t be any part of”.’

Moby Dick: Reel, 2: Delete nude figure on arm and muscular movement also “where is thy name dearie?” “on the seat of my pants”. Reel 6: Glimpse of semi-nude dancer, also woman at table and “For me, my name’s Poppy” “I’m buying ships not women”

Gone With The Wind: ‘Reel 1B: Better deal with this dressing scene (is it essential?). Reel 2A: Stripping her at a glance (must come out) Reel 5A: Birth (must come out). Reel 8B: (1) Offers herself (must come out). (2) Speaks of her debasing offer. Reel 9B: Deal with this attempted rape, particularly the close up of the rough’s face. Reel 10B: Three passionate and prolonged kisses (cut). Can-can (cut).

The Blue Angel: “I cannot issue a certificate for this exhibition of lustful degeneracy.”


Film Censor Records (TCD Film And TV Archive)

Thanks Sibling of Daedalus