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She told the Taoiseach that broadband provision in rural Ireland remained a “big problem” and she asked him how long people are going to have to wait. “It’s not fair that people in Dublin get access to everything. Everyone should have those opportunities,” she said.

Seems legit.

*stares into abyss*

Minister for Communications Richard Bruton

I live in rural Donegal, about two miles from the nearest village. Eir and others told us that we would need to dig a trench from our house to the public road for a duct to enclose fibre-optic cable. I costed it and the job was coming in at more than €1,000. The works would have involved breaking concrete at the bottom of our driveway.

So I did some research. I contacted 3 mobile, got a wireless mobile router and a booster antenna from Amazon. We now have unlimited data for €30 per month. The booster cost €50.

My concern is this. Are we sleep-walking into spending €3 billion on “last year’s” technology? It seems to me that we may well be.

Experts are invariably conflicted. It’s always better to ask someone whose livelihood doesn’t depend upon the answer.

Over and over again in this country, our biggest and costliest mistakes arise from failing to ask the obvious questions.

Michael Deasy,
Co Donegal.

Rural broadband and new technology (The Irish Times)


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Many rural dwellers are lucky to get 3G.

In fact, If you can get 4G in a rural area like the Sally Gap [Wicklow mountains], small pigs might fly.

Tony Geraghty writes:

Thought your readers/dossers might appreciate this…despite claims from some Mobile phone Companies, Rural Ireland gets a raw deal when it comes to Fixed Line or Mobile Broadband. Cop On ComReg, Rural Ireland Deserves Better!

Brian writes:

Don’t know if this is generally known but Meteor broadband is censoring thepiratebay.org.

When I rang customer service (1747) saying I couldn’t access the site, the rep said they “didn’t allow piracy”. This is outrageous don’t you think? An Irish broadband provider censoring access to the internet, where no applicable law is in effect