A video showing a vicious assault on a woman on the Number 40 bus near Old Kilmainham village, Dublin 8, at 10.15pm on July 23.

Do you know him?

[viewer discretion advised]

UPDATE: see comments

Thanks Eric Haffabee

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  1. Mikeyfex

    Wow. I’ve witnessed similar before. T’would shake you up. How did you know to record, Eric, was there something before?

  2. the good helen

    Its a very short clip, but its a very clear clip, so I would highly advise you to give the video clip into the nearest gardai station to where you saw them, and a few other local stations. They would definitely chase this. Big scum bag, hitting a woman like that, in the face. its like they knew each other though, she didn’t try and run off when he was coming towards her, and she looked like she was speaking to him before he got up to go over to her. Please tell me you’ve passed onto the authorities, and not just broadsheet.

    1. Dan

      “They would definitely chase this”

      Not the gardai I know. My girlfriend was assaulted on our doorstep. Guy was trying to get her purse, but the key was already in the door and the key was attached to the purse. So he failed. There were four witnesses to the assault, one of whom knew the assailant’s name and where he regularly hung out. (He was homeless.) The cops did zilch.

    2. Dan

      I had my nose broken and was knocked unconscious in front of two gardai in Limerick city years back, cops did nothing, they got mad and nearly arrested my friend for pointing out what had just happened. The police aren’t there to keep the public safe, they’re there to keep the government safe from the public.

  3. Advertising On Police Cars

    Dublin Bus have CCTV on all of their buses…hopefully they nab this prick.

  4. the good helen

    i can hear him saying something like i’m sick of you. so does come across like they know each other.

    1. Eoin

      I know the victims involved. They did not know the guy. I imagine the “sick of you” comment was a racist one, as the woman involved is Mexican and her friend (not in the photo, probably because he was on the ground after getting kicked repeatedly).

      The woman also recorded this assault with her camera and have given it to the authorities. How much time will be spent investigating this is the real question…

  5. Starina

    That is very, very disturbing. Her body language suggests that she is accustomed to making herself as small as possible to minimise the target. Why didn’t the bus driver do anything?!

    1. Thomas

      Well this is upstairs well away from the driver and who know what happened after the video.

    2. Medium Sized C

      Could have been a woman.
      Could have been someone who has been assaulted at work (lots of them).
      They have procedures I believe that involve contacting the Gardaí.
      If this happened on the street, who would you be looking to intervene then?

      I know it sounds callous or something, but I really think its unfair to look to a bus driver to resolve incidence of domestic violence. Assuming that’s what this is.

  6. Rob_G

    Dublin’s a very small place, so very likely that some of his friends and family will come across this. I’m glad they’ll find out what he’s really like.

    1. D

      Agreed. They could then post a still of the suspect rather than this video. It looks horrific but us discussing and describing it only makes a conviction more difficult.

    2. Jackdaw

      Do it immediately before the CCTV gets automatically wiped. Gardai can then send it out for this knucklescraper to be identified and believe me if he’s at this shit he will be identified. The only problem is though will there be a complaint forthcoming from the lady in question.


    I absolutely agree with Helen’s first post. I’m sure this has been passed on but it would be good to know for sure. I witnessed something similar in a car about twenty years ago and I regret not having the balls to have done something about it then.
    This man is a scumbag, he has proven it in this video. Broadsheet, can you assure your readers that this follows the correct route in order for this man to be caught and charged? Sadly, in some of these cases the woman decides not to press charges but exposure and information to the Gardai will ensure that he will be prosecuted.


  8. Starina

    Broadsheet, I would suggest taking this down as if he finds out it’s on the internet his reaction is likely to be very bad for the woman involved, if she is his girlfriend/wife, as his logic would be something along the lines of “you provoked me and now look what you did, you’ve embarassed me in public”.

    This should be going to the Gardai immediately, not the internet.

    1. fluffybiscuits


      A few years ago on Aston Quay I saw a similar incident. I was coming home from work. Now Im a big f**ker and this woman was being attacked by a man. I stepped in and was promptly told where to go. If I had seen this I would have still intervened.

    2. Collie

      I disagree, that means fear of him and fear is his reaction is what rules the day. It should not be fear but justice. The real danger is some vigilanties deciding to teach him a lesson.

  9. Jess

    Could having this up on the internet not prejudice any court case and lead to him getting off?

  10. Pedant

    Very surprised to see this being posted, surely the Gardai and not a semi-satirical website is the correct venue for this?

  11. PJ

    They don’t know each other. The video is, indeed, very short. Two people got assaulted by him (my friend, who’s on the video, and me). The garda was called twice and they didn’t show up, even though their station is 5 minutes away from where this happened. This is as much info as I dare share. The rest is with the hospital, where we spent the night, and with the Garda.
    Eric Haffabee, if you’re reading the comments, I’d very much appreciate if you could send me the video, maybe via email, so it can be added to the file that has been opened with the Garda, please. Also, we will need witnesses.
    Thank you. I really appreciate it.

      1. Eric Haffabee

        PJ If Bodger or one of the admins will pass on my email address or wants to middle-man I’ll be more than happy to give you the full video. Yes, this is just a clip.

      1. PJ

        Thank you, Barry. Unfortunately, things are not ok but we made it out alive. Majorly bruised, but alive.

        1. Gav D

          Sorry to hear about this happening you PJ. Please know that we’re not all a$$holes like this guy and the majority of good people are disgusted by this happening to you.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      As has been pointed out, it has been reported to the Gardai. I don’t think there anything to be gained by taking it down. whereas leaving it up probably increases the chances of this thug being identified.

  12. parky mark

    I don’t have much respect for Dublin Bus or the Gardai in situations like this. Bus driver probably didn’t do anything with the footage or even report it.

    1. Paolo

      Why would the bus driver get involved? They are not allowed to leave their cabs in these cases.

    2. parky mark

      A friend of mine was sexually assaulted on a Dublin Bus a few years ago. When she told the driver he said there was nothing he could do and the best thing was for her to just get off the bus. It took her a few days to get the courage to go to the Gardai. First Garda to deal with it was great and he managed to get the footage from Dublin Bus before it was deleted. The driver denied knowing anything or being told about it at the time, despite footage of him talking to her. Then it was passed to a female Garda who just didn’t seem to want to deal with it and tried to take her out of it, insinuating that maybe she brought it on herself and that it would come down to her word over his. Despite there being CCTV evidence. My friend dropped it as it was really hard to deal with and the Garda was making it even harder.

  13. the good helen

    PJ – sorry I said it looked like your friend knew him, but was only judging on a few seconds on video cos she didn’t run off. But now thinking about it I think I know why the friend didn’t leave. I can kind of read between the lines. And fair play to her for staying there. Anyhow, This guy is a complete and utter scum and I wish you every success in what you do with this whole situation.

  14. Mr. T.

    The best thing to do if you come across a domestic violence incidence like this is to immediately call the police and then try to stay near the couple but be careful about intervening unless you have help. Very often, the victim will turn on the intervener to protect their partner. Sounds odd but they are so used to the violence that they see outside interference as unwarranted aggression. So you could end up with both parties attacking you.

  15. Ian

    Help spread this all across social media sites. It’s just as important as sending it to the gardai

  16. tryingtohelp

    I’m pretty sure that it is illegal under the Data Protection Act to publish footage of a crime being committed. Please remove this and bring it to the proper authorities.

    1. Spartacus

      Why don’t annoying fupps like you just go and read the data protection legislation before vomiting up stuff like this?

  17. Brian S

    If the cops do nothing about this (as I suspect they will, as I was assaulted by a taxi driver in kilmainham who hit my parked car while parking) the guards took 10 mins to come, didn’t take any details then wouldn’t follow up on it, despite witnesses saying they knew who he was and was well known to be a local knacker. Feel free to drop me an email if you find out who he is, I’ll knock some justice out of him happily.

    1. cd

      Same here.

      don’t let this go without consequence. Send me details and if the guards don’t do something. Brian S how do I email you?

  18. Sue

    after reading all the commons i have to say in Ireland crime has a trend too, and currently it’s bitting up women, some how it always the same people ruin our society, if you can get to the bottom of these cases it’s always the criminal law let them get away– the punishment is far too light for the crime they committed. a lot of those people at the end of the case serves short period time which btw gets looked after pretty well in the prison or just pay small mount of fine. the punishment is just not memorable enough! If, only if Ireland legal system consider and enforce something close to Singapore canning punishment the safety in Ireland can be improved hugely and rapidly!

  19. Andrew

    The headline says Old Kilmainham Village. The number 40 bus does not pass Old Kilmainham Village. In fact no buses pass Old Kilmainham Village except tourist ones.
    Putting up correct information might help identify who this was.

    1. Custo

      The 40 goes through Inchicore, down past Richmond Park and through Old Kilmainham before James st.

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