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General secretary of the INMO Liam Doran at a press conference this morning; above with Claire Doran, president of INMO

Liam Doran, general secretary of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, spoke to Audrey Carville on RTÉ’s News At One this lunchtime following INMO members voting for strike action on December 15.

Towards the end of the interview Ms Carville asked Mr Doran about his salary, in light of the controversy over salaries at the Irish Farmers’ Association.

Audrey Carville: “I just want to ask you, finally, on another issue. It’s to do with the controversy over the pay of leading members and senior executives in the IFA [Irish Farmers’ Association]. And you might be aware that you are one of 20 union representative body leaders, in the Irish Independent today, who haven’t disclosed what they earn. Do you want to tell the public now what you earn?”

Liam Doran: No, I’ve no further comment to make on that. That’s between, the INMO is a good employer for all of its staff, including myself.”

Carville: “Do you now think the public has the right to know?”

Doran: I’ve no further comment to make. That’s a matter between the IMO is a good employer and for myself and the other staff in the organisation.”

Carville: “Who funds your salary?”

Doran: “Members.”

Carville: “Members. And do you think nurses and midwives would like to know what you earn?

Doran: “But sure our structure is dealt within the executive council and our annual conference every year so I have no difficulty that our membership, through the branches, know what the grading structure is in operation in the house. That’s what it’s always been and I presume that’s what it will continue to be.”

Carville: “I’m just wondering, like the IFA, you know, might the members at grassroots be surprised and angry at what the executive earns.”

Doran: “Well, I have, I believe I have absolute confidence in the executive council that governs all employment relation issues in the organisation and I think they totally respect the executive council and, as I said, I’ve no further comment to make on that.”

Listen back in full here

Majority of union and lobby group bosses refuse to disclose salaries (Irish Independent)

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Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tanaiste Joan Burton. The Taoiseach launching the Low Pay Commission at St Andrew’s Resource Centre in Dublin 2 this morning. The commission is to recommend an appropriate national minimum wage to Government

When he [Enda Kenny]  was asked: “Are you actually worth three-and-a-half grand a week?” the Taoiseach responded: “Very much so.”

He added: “Salaries are down by 40% in the case of the Taoisigh – we’ve cut everything to the bone.”

Forty per cent down?

But €214,187 to €185,350 is a 13.46% decrease


Taoiseach: Am I worth €3,500 a week? Very much so! (Irish Examiner)

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Joan Collins TD:” To ask the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government if he will provide the numbers of persons employed in each local authority earning more than €100,000 per annum.”

Phil Hogan, Minister for the Environment: “As of 31 March, 2012 there were 235.8 local authority staff, consisting of City and County Managers, Assistant Managers and Directors of Service, on salary scales the maximum points of which are in excess of €100,000.”

Dept of Enviornment Local Authoritv Staff (KildareStreet.com)

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Last year, he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. This year, his salary fell by $25 million. Leaving him with what, would you say?

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