Google Continues To Pretend It’s Not Evil


Do you hate it when Google gets all cute? Shamrocks on Patrick’s day? A bit of snow in December? A dumb cupid on Valentine’s Day? This image will have greeted users of the creepy search engine this morning. It’s to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Hang on. Since when did we celebrate 71? What?! I mean. What?

So, why does Google do this? Knowing it annoys its reluctant users? To show the world it has a heart and not made of tin.

But Karl has seen behind the curtain and speaks of just a weird old guy pulling levers and prying into our lives. And they’re not yellow bricks. They’re gold. So ner.

Fight the power. Rastafari.

Wizard of Oz Celebrated By Google Doodle (Telegraph)

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