But we’re not the same.

We get to: Carry each other. Carry each other.


Broadsheet is one year old today.

And what a strange, penniless, exhausting, wonderful double-rainbow of a year it’s been.

6,588,630 pageviews (“half of those in the last 3 months” – Karl), 1,113,998 unique visitors, 3000-odd Facebook ‘friends’, 4000-odd Twitter followers and possibly the finest, crankiest collection of trolls, haters, sweetie-pies and grammar Nazis ever to comment on a rolling satirical (ha!) news, popculture and cat-video website since the current recession began.

Oh, and one ad.

Mmf. Promised we. Wouldn’t cry.

Actual top 10 search terms (excluding people just searching for broadsheet.ie)
1.     Madeline Mulqueen
2.      Gary Busey
3.      Neil Prendeville
4.      Alison O’Riordan
5.      Jean byrne
6.      Dominic hyde
7.      sarah carey
8.      Jay Leno/Brian Cowen
9.      Damo And Ivor
10.    Brian Cowen Drunk

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