The Unreal IRA



Picking up a thread on the Bohemia Forums, Tim Edwards at PC gamer writes:

Here’s an upload of a video from a recent ITV documentary into Colonel Gaddhafi’s support of the IRA. It contains shocking footage of a helicopter being shot down using weapons allegedly supplied by that baddie.

Except. Umm. It’s actually ArmA 2.

Words. Fail. What. How. For goodness sake. UK media, can you stop being shit please.

What appears to have happened is that this video, uploaded to Youtube in March, was taken to be actual footage of an 1988 IRA attack on a British Army helicopter. As opposed to animated footage from Bohemia Interactive Studio’s ArmA 2 tactical shooter game.

If you filter out the clatter of mass facepalming, you can probably hear the plaintive yelps of a researcher being kicked.

ITV documentary can’t tell the difference between gaming and reality; mistakes Arma 2 for secret IRA film (PC Gamer)

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