Anonymous: Not Just There For The Nasty Things In Life


Oh wait.

 Anonymous has been waging a month-long campaign to rid the digital underground of child porn called OpDarkNet. So far, their attacks have been limited to taking down forums and websites where pedophiles trade child porn on a shadow internet known informally as the “dark net.”

But now the hackers say they’re sick of waiting around for law enforcement to act against the users of those sites. “They’ll take forever… due process for some of these guys are so weak,” one hacker told us in a chat room. “The best way for Law Enforcement to react is for us to release it. They can chose to follow or not.”

The list of 190 IP addresses posted by Anonymous (yesterday) is the product of an elaborate sting—nicknamed “Paw Printing”—that wouldn’t look out of place in an FBI investigation. Thanks to some quick coding and strategic planning, Anonymous hackers were able to trick visitors to a popular kiddie porn forum into downloading bugged software which tracked their every move for 24 hours.

Elaborate Anonymous Sting Snags 190 Kiddie Porn Fans (Gawker)

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