Even More Decent Irish Rap



Give or take a line.

You’re not American a misled imposterer, I bet that voice changes when you’re force fed phosphorus/ A collar-less heretic with dreams of being prosperous, high off life I don’t need to smoke pollen dust/ Heartbeats thunderous and sudden rush of blood and guts, you’re not a gangster you travel via shuttle bus / (Haa) I got your dark thoughts shuffled up, and who thought the kid from the town would use a subtle touch…

The heart of Michael Collins, the pride of De Valera,
A revolutionary state of mind like Che Guevara
The Will of Bobby Sands, the passion of Gerry Adams,
Its iLL Psychz (iLL Psychz) coming at ‘em!

iLL Psychz – Revolutionary S.O.M


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