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The Elements – Smooth Sailing (Featuring Ruairi Coogan)

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Free album download here.

Written By Mr Highspeed, S.W.O.R.D.S and Ruairi Coogan
Produced By Gemsmiff
Co Prod. Mixed And Mastered By NDLZ
Video Directed By Ger Walsh For O.I.C media


Give or take a line.

You’re not American a misled imposterer, I bet that voice changes when you’re force fed phosphorus/ A collar-less heretic with dreams of being prosperous, high off life I don’t need to smoke pollen dust/ Heartbeats thunderous and sudden rush of blood and guts, you’re not a gangster you travel via shuttle bus / (Haa) I got your dark thoughts shuffled up, and who thought the kid from the town would use a subtle touch…

The heart of Michael Collins, the pride of De Valera,
A revolutionary state of mind like Che Guevara
The Will of Bobby Sands, the passion of Gerry Adams,
Its iLL Psychz (iLL Psychz) coming at ‘em!

iLL Psychz – Revolutionary S.O.M


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“Wake up. Here’s your Weetabix.”

The very excellent iLL Psychz with Weetabix (Wake Up!) featuring Ayzee Surgeon.

Darren Scott writes:

After spotting The Animators getting some much deserved coverage on your website (fair play, lads are doing it big!) I thought I’d post my most recent track and video (shot by the same director as The Animators) to ye to see if there was any chance of getting it posted or reviewed.