Corruption, You Say?


People in Ireland have mixed feelings about corruption, according to a new Eurobarometer survey carried out for the European Commission.

Just 55pc of Irish people think corruption is unavoidable and has always existed, which is the second lowest rate in Europe after the Czech Republic at 46pc, and well below the EU average of 70pc.

However, 86pc of Irish respondents believe corruption is a major problem in their country, compared with the EU average 74pc, and a one point increase since the 2009 survey.

The Eurobarometer also reveals that, with regard to politics, fewer Irish people think there is sufficient transparency and supervision in the financing of political parties. Whereas only 18pc of Irish respondents agree that transparency and supervision in the financing of political parties is sufficient, 65pc disagree (EU average 22pc to 68pc).


Irish Have Mixed Feelings About Corruption – Eurobarometer (Business And leadership)

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