That Was The Week That Was So It Was


The week’s top stories included religion, squee, mysteries, pigeonholing and disobedience.

  1. Literally Unbelievable
    The eternal questions.
  2. Help David Decide
    ‘Hell hath no fury…’
  3. This Is Worrying
    The Guard 2.
  4. Say Hello To My Little Friend
    Scarface meets Squeefers.
  5. They Want To Cancel Rag Week In Galway
    Drunk students, fast food and World Cup 1990 tunes
  6. THAT Paddy Power Transgender AD
    Insensitive ad is insensitive.
  7. Haters Gonna Hate
    Of course there was going to be a cat.
  8. Meanwhile, On O’Connell Street, Dublin (above)
    It’s a blackboard jungle out there.
  9. Scenes From A Repossession
    Robin Hood Vs Sheriff of Nottingham Redux.
  10. What Is This Blue Thing?
    The Retardis.
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