Jobs And The Boys


Meath forward Joe Sheridan (above) is leaving inter-county football after securing a job in the construction industry in the United States.

Which prompted the Meath chairman Barney Allen to contend:

“We did our best for him and we did manage to get him a job but he has a commitment over there now.”

Which itself prompted Declan Conlan to write:

It has always annoyed me how GAA players are handed jobs in Ireland just to keep them here. Like how does that work? [Hypothetical situation] GAA manager: “Give Paddy a job” Bank manager: “But he can’t count” GAA manager: “Ah go on, he plays GAA but wants to leave the country” Bank manager: “Why didn’t you say so, I’ll tell the other applicants to shag off”. Equal opportunity employment all the way. I don’t think so. Can someone please explain this?

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