Meanwhile, At Google Ireland


Graffitiman writes:

“Yesterday there was an advertisement on Facebook from an independent gallery saying that Google HQ Dublin had contacted them looking for Irish graffiti artists and street artists to paint inside their head office. they stated that 16 areas throughout the office were the targeted areas. We contacted the email address given and were told that there is:

A.No budget for the commission,

B. No fees for the artists undertaken to do the commissions,

C. No chance of reimbursement for the materials, costs, etc.,

D. That we would have to undertake the commission in the evenings and weekends when the office was closed. 

E. The person dealing with this commission and project was ‘away on holidays for a few months and wouldn’t be able to help with any funding’.

This is ludicrous and a total lack of respect from this major international company. It’s more annoying that they have this ‘cool and liberated’ PR image and then want to ‘throw some graffiti artists a bone’ by letting them paint their hallowed offices for nothing. Laughable.”

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