Is Literally Trending


The Irish Times brings the love this morning to Digital Hub-based, (they provide the ‘what’s trending’ widget thing to your right).

And founder Paul Quigley and programming whiz Andrew Mullaney are plotting world domination.

And rather than cannibalising the content created by paid journalists, NewsWhip always links out to the site of the story’s creator. “The internet has its own morality. If a story is doing well, we want to send people to that story and send traffic to that site.”

The company’s Spike product has been developed with newsrooms in mind, says Quigley.

“If we can tell a publisher like MSNBC or the Huffington Post which of their stories is the most social, they can then push that story into a stream perhaps for mobile apps or into widgets that suggest news stories for their readers.”

He says NewsWhip is also talking to wire services such as Reuters and Associated Press about giving them intelligence on their most social stories.

Oh. That’s why they haven’t been returning our faxes.

Tracking The News To Headline Their Own Internet Success Story (Joanna Hunt, Irish Times)