Verona Mullen: What Happened Next


You may recall the post a couple of weeks ago about the first ever Late Late Show line-up from 1962, which featured the incredibly striking Verona Mullen.

Whatever happened to her?

We wondered.

Last night Verona’s niece Martina Mullin wrote:

My dad’s going to love it [the post]. Verona was his sister. She is no longer with us so he and his brothers and sister will be delighted with this stuff. In answer to your question she is buried in Barcelona.  She got breast cancer at 32 and died aged 42.  She was doing a masters or PHD in Harvard when she got sick so that kinda puts Gaybo in his place.  She said before she died that her greatest regret was that she didn’t use her good looks to marry an accountant.  Sure isn’t that all any woman wants!