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There’s irony and and there’s irony and then there’s this.

Maybe Alanis Morisette will sing?


Update: From Sinead O’Connor.

On June 3 I received a phone call from Colm O’Gorman of Amnesty Ireland.

He asked would I perform ‘Nothing Compares To You’ at tonight’s concert which celebrates the freedom of women by celebrating the lovely lady from Burma.

He stated that Amnesty, while wishing me  to perform, had concerns about my mental health.

He stated he had been asked to tell me that “she is the star of the show ” . Meaning the lovely lady from Burma.

What he meant was that they would like me to come and sing but not to open my mouth about anything or say or do or wear anything controversial

I found the terms in which the invitation were put to be extremely insulting and disrespectful

I therefore  turned down the invitation.

It seems a little odd to me that an event which is supposed to celebrate women’s freedom should be used as an opportunity to prophylactically silence a female artist, while at the same time exploiting her international fame and her talent.

Had I attended the event I would have done or said nothing other than kiss the nice lady’s face

I hope to receive a detailed and formal apology from Amnesty Ireland

So far this has not happened.

Sinead O’Connor

(Pic: Oisin, Sinead pic: Photocall ireland)

Thanks Lars Biscuit

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