These Colours Run Deep


Emily Rossiter

Back garden defiance, Iceland


Sorcha Crowley writes:

Defiant Tricolour about to be eaten in a Sushi bar in Dubai.



John Gallen writes:

My flat mate from Scotland creating ‘Key Lime Pie’… mid preparation… egg white, egg yoke and lime… there is more in the menu, he’s the chef on this one…. I just want to eat it :)


Paul Mahon writes:

Defiant Sky Sports news tricolour…


Peter McKenna writes:

The carefully arranged fruit and bread from the bakery beside my office in San Francisco.




Conor Moore writes:

Nice to see my back doors making the effort.



Andy Knightly writes;

The noisier younger child with the remnants of Friday night’s takeaway.



Gavin Duff writes:

Your defiant tricolour download is ready… (Not that I’m condoning illegal downloads…)



Daryl Feehely writes:

Vera Moda, Pavilion, Swords, Co Dublin, on Saturday.



James lloyd writes:

A particularly tasty dessert, scoffed yesterday afternoon in Hong Kong. The free-pour Champagne offer was clearly not designed with us Irish in mind…


Christopher Connaughton writes:

Squee defiance in a classroom in Saigon, Vietnam


Defiant Tricolours to


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