Why This Ad Is Misleading


Members of Youth Defence/Life Institute launching their nationwide anti-abortion campaign earlier this month. From left: Lucy Mc Donald, Niamh Lu Bhriain and Aine O Connell.

Dr David Robert Grimes writes:

“One would require a large sample group over a long period to see whether the women were more likely to have mental issues than those in a control group.That is the methodology used by a group of doctors in Denmark who charted the psychological health of 365,550 women, including 84,620 who had had abortions.

…Essentially these studies found there was no difference in mental health between those who opted for abortion and those who carried to term. Curiously, there was a markedly increased risk to mental health for women who gave a child up for adoption.

A corollary of the research was that while women did not suffer long-term mental health effects due to abortion, short-term guilt and sadness was far more likely if the women had a background where abortion was viewed negatively or their decisions were decried – the kind of attitude fostered by “pro-life” activists.

This leads to the dark irony that while groups of this ilk claim to support women, they increase the suffering of women who have had abortions – the very women they ostensibly claim to help.”

Facts Still Sacred Despite Ireland’s Spectrum Of conflicting Views On Abortion (David Robert Grimes, irish Times)

DavidRobertGrimes.com (twitter: @drg1985)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

Meanwhile, On Youth Defence’s Facebook:

The “pro-aborts”.


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