To Rossport. And Don’t Spare The Horses



Bas Ó Curraoin, of éírígí, writes:

This is footage of Shell’s Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) leaving Dublin Port as it began its 320km journey to Rossport in North West Mayo on Sunday night.

The private energy company intends to use the TBM to bore a tunnel for a highly controversial gas pipeline which will link the Corrib Gas Field to the company’s gas refinery at Ballinaboy.

The video shows part of the massive Garda operation that has been put in place to assist Shell transport the TBM to Mayo. Such use of Garda resources has become commonplace over the last seven years as the state has spend tens of millions of euros facilitating Shell’s exploitation of the Corrib Gas Field.

The Corrib Gas Field is believed to contain tens of billions of euros worth of natural gas.

The deal which saw Shell gain ownership of Corrib was based upon a legal framework developed by politicians including Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern.

Under that deal the people of Ireland will receive virtually no return from the Corrib
Gas, but will instead have to buy back their own gas from Shell at the full market rate.

We are calling for the immediate nationalisation of the Corrib Gas Field, the Barryroe Oil Field and all other Irish hydrocarbon resources.